The primary functions of the ‘Thread Of Remembrance’ are those of healing and tribute. Listed here are several practical considerations of note:

Everyone can see themselves reflected in this ‘Thread.’ Its design omits any hierarchy of worthiness, acknowledging those who perished and embracing all who have been touched by the tragedy.

'Thread Of Remembrance' retains the monumental scale of the towers with no additional allocation of real estate.
The ‘Thread’ is a memorial that can exist in tandem with tributes located inside the proposed memorial park. It extends the homage to those lives lost and the heroic efforts made to save them throughout Lower Manhattan.
The ‘Thread Of Remembrance’ can adapt to the ever-changing city as a living memorial. Future generations can pay respect by preserving its silver line in the evolving facade of New York’s landscape.
Aesthetically, the ‘Thread’ is congruent to the World Trade Center in its clarity, directness and minimalism. This holds significance because the architectural currents which gave form to the World Trade Center are quickly becoming a historical style which might otherwise vanish into history.
Finally, the memorial crosses no historic landmark buildings or structures. Instead, it establishes a living landmark, noting one of the most profound events in New York’s history.


An outline of the towers’ shadow threading through the city along an unbroken path, as if drawn on the two-dimensional surface of a map.


Steel, finished in titanium or in the aluminum, silver colored alloy of the original towers.
Salvaged materials from the Towers could be used on the most publicly accessible areas, namely, sidewalks and street level building exteriors. New steel and finishing materials would be used where structural needs dictate, for example, building sides and roofs.


Sidewalk/Street - inlays, flush to each surface
Buildings - suspension, floating approximately 4 inches above building surfaces with distance adjustments as per the dictates of particular architectural elements.


Anchoring system of steel fasteners


Seven inches, so as to be readable from the sky but unobtrusive on our streets.


1368 and 1362 feet, the respective heights scaled by Towers One & Two.
(Plus the additional 360 feet added to Tower One by its transmission antenna,
adjusted to the calculation of the shadow’s actual projection from the center of Tower One: 212 feet)




Created by artists Mark Roth and Janna Olson
Words and Images ©Copyright tinsquo - Feb/2002